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I recently purchased a card reader! I have been dealing with the Support structure, what i belive is absolutely poor service.
During the purchase of the card reader! I clearly indicated over 8 emails that i required the reader for a Festival. I sent through all the paperwork as required! Everytime i sent email i would be contacted by a different support consultant. I would indicate that I need the reader on the 15th June 2018. Not once during the 8 previous emails did anyone say the reader would not be available. On the 15th i got told by support that i could collect it on the Monday 18th,i also then received a call saying it would be delivered 20th. I then sent an email email again! Requesting a refund /cancelation of the reader. As the reader purpose was for the festival. Instead we had to run a festival bar! Over a 2 day period with no card facilities resulting in Major inconvince to customers! And loss in revenue. If this is the support structure with no communication.



  • Hi Michael,

    I'm really sorry for the bad experience. We've clearly dropped the ball here. I've taken a look quickly and can see that someone from our logistics team confirmed that you could collect your card reader from our offices today, but as you mentioned, you needed it this past weekend.

    That's definitely not good enough, and I will take it up with the team here. I'm going to be requesting a refund for you to be processed as soon as possible.

    My apologies again. I really do hope that we can make it up to you in future.

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  • Hi
    I by mistake did a refund on Sunday night and have been trying to get it sorted since then. I locked a chat just after the refund was done but only was contacted on Monday evening via mail. I have answered the mail request and have not heard anything or received any feedback from Lebo who contacted me. Instand to lose R1360 becaue of this poor service! Can someone please assist?

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  • Hi Stefan,

    My apologies for the delay here. I'll be taking over this request. I'm following up with our payments team to see if we can still stop this refund. I'll be in touch the minute I have any news.

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  • Ref number 363753 support team

    I regret buying this product .
    Submitted all relevant documents as requested

    Banking detail took forever to verify

    My first transaction still not paid it going for a week now

    Will not recommend this product to any small business start up

    I need my money paid

    Or my need try ikhokha product

    Not happy

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  • Morning. I have issues integrating 1 bank account on 3 different yoco machines. Yoco team had me open up 3 seperate bank accounts. And yet I couldn't get connected?? Yoco team had me delete those accounts by the bank.. Which I did. Then when I finally got an access account opened up. They used an account number for the bank accounts they have me deleted with my bank confirmation letter for my access Acc attached to the portal for them to approve, they mixed it all up, and now it's my fault again. I have to wait 2 working days again. Go and look on my profile since when am I trying to get 'n bank account connected to 1 of my readers. I dare you go look. 0832733332 /0834101024 mariska

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  • Hi John and Mariska, 


    My sincere apologies for the experience that you've had thus far. 


    I have raised your query with our banking team so that they can look into this matter further and work towards a resolution for all the accounts involved. 

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    U R G E N T


    082 568 6488 PENNY

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  • Hi Penelope,


    Thank you for taking my call.


    Please note that you can also view your paid out and outstanding settlements online on your business portal, here are the steps.


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