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Has the stock management system been introduced yet? Follow


  • Hi Tony,

    We currently don't have the stock management feature. It is a feature that we are working on for the Yoco Point of Sale App and Business Portal, however we don't have an estimated release time for this as yet.

    Please get in contact with us on 087 550 9626 or if you have any queries.

    Warm regards,


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  • We were originally told that stock management would be available some time in 2018.


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  • HI Terry.
    Have a look under manage my store, you should see stock management now as an option. My only question is whether the alert to notify you that stock is low, could this be done via a push notification?

    Diesnt give me an instant pop up when I ring up a product and set my alerts to 5x foe eg.

    Had 5x, billed and "paid" for one. Only update is when you're in that spesific drop down menue

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