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Yoco Integration to Woocommerce Follow


  • Yes I whole heartedly agree please!!

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  • Also need it for my WooCommerce online store please, would be super helpful ! 

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  • Hi All, thanks for reaching out and so sorry for the delay! We have a Yoco payments plugin available for WooCommerce WordPress websites. We don't integrate with Shopify though.

    How to start using the plugin on your website
    The plugin can be installed from the WordPress store:
    Once you’ve installed the plugin, let us know and we’ll send you API keys to enter into your plugin.

    The fees
    Online payments are usually more expensive than in-person payments, but for the beta period only, you will be charged the same fees as your current card machine fees. The fees will change; we will communicate any changes in fees well in advance.

    If you don’t have a WooCommerce website.
    We currently don’t support other websites, but we are looking to expand our plugin offering. Please let us know what website platform you are using and we’ll add you to a notification list for new plugins.

    In the meantime, you can use a payment page to assist you to accept payments.
    Some of our merchants have been using the Yoco Payment Page to accept payments on their websites. It might be of interest to you, to use either on your website, or for other adhoc online payments. You can read more here:

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