Yoco Capital

Grow your business with a cash advance.

Qualifying for Yoco Capital

DO I QUALIFY? Check if you have a Yoco Capital offer here

I have Yoco, but not a Capital offer. Why not?

Your business has to meet the minimum requirements to qualify for Yoco Capital. Select the Let me know button on your capital page and we will call you as soon as an offer becomes available.

How does one access Capital?

  • As the owner/ director, log in to your Business Portal with the owner/ director log-in credentials. 
  • As a Yoco merchant, you have access to Capital as soon as you have been with Yoco for 3 months or more, and have been processing card transactions with your Yoco device.
  • Once your offer is available, simply access your Yoco Business Portal and select the Capital menu item to find more information.  You are also able to apply directly from your merchant portal, with a decision given in seconds.

What are the minimum requirements to qualify for Yoco Capital?

  1. Merchants need to have been trading for a minimum of 3 months with Yoco, and
  2. Have processed a minimum of 10 Yoco transactions a month, and
  3. The average Minimum Yoco Card Turnover must be more than R 4 000 per month.
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