How to activate tips & sales notes (Yoco Neo)

The Payment Settings function on your Yoco Neo provides you with the option to activate the ‘Tips’ feature for transactions, as well as to view ‘sales Notes’ created for individual transactions.

Activating Tips

You can accept tip payments from your customers by enabling the Tips feature on the Yoco Neo. To activate Tips, select Tip Settings under the main menu and select Tips On. 

Once enabled, you will be able to select your default tip percentage. This will allow your customers to easily enter an automatically calculated tip amount when processing a payment. 

Your customers can also choose to enter a custom tip amount. When Tips are enabled, the Neo will prompt your customers to choose whether or not they would like to add a tip. If they select No, the transaction will process without a tip amount. If they select Yes, they will be prompted to select or enter their preferred tip amount.

Sales Notes

The Yoco Neo allows you to create sales notes directly from the card machine. You can make use of this feature by enabling the Sales Note feature under the Payment Settings menu.

Once this feature is enabled, you will be prompted to add a note when processing a sale. If you opt not to include a sales note, the sale goes ahead as per usual. 

If you would like to add a sales note, you will be able to include your own personalised memo. An example may be to add a sales note of "coffee" for a product Sales Note, or "INV1234" for an invoice Sales Note.


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