How to refund a customer (Yoco Neo)

Processing a refund from the Yoco Neo:

1. From the menu on the card machine, select ‘Sales History’.   

2. Select the transaction you would like to process a refund for.

3. Select the ‘Refund’ button. 

4. We will then ask you to approve the refund by entering a PIN. This PIN will be SMS’d to the mobile number linked to your Yoco account. If you’d like your staff to process refunds, you can share the refund PIN with them. You can also request a new PIN by selecting “Get PIN”.

5. Once you have entered the correct PIN, you will be given the option to choose a reason for the refund which include accidental charge, incorrect Amount, refunded goods, service not delivered. 

After entering your PIN, select the ‘Refund’ button. Once a refund has been submitted, it can take up to 2 days before the funds are paid into your customer’s bank account







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