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Transfer Ownership of a Yoco Card Machine

Whether you're selling your Yoco card machine or have purchased one second-hand, the card machine will need to be removed from the original owner's Yoco profile, to make it available to be assigned to the new owner. 

Steps required by the Original Owner of the Yoco card machine

  1. Login to your Business Portal
  2. Click on 'Business Settings' 
  3. Click on 'Card Machines'
  4. Locate the specific card machine to be transferred 

    If you're unsure about which card machine you need to transfer, simply match the card machine serial number (located on the back of the card machine) to the serial number on your Card Machine list.
  5. Click 'Remove'
  6. A pop-up will appear to confirm the removal, click Remove


That's it - you're all done! The card machine is now ready to be transferred to the new owner.


Steps required by the New Owner of the Yoco card machine

IMPORTANT: The original owner of the card machine must have completed the steps above to remove the card machine from their Yoco account, before you, the new owner, can complete your Yoco sign-up. 
  1. Sign-up on
    The new owner would need to complete sign up for their new business here.

      1. When the "How would you like to accept payments" screen is displayed, select "I have a Yoco card machine already".

      2. Locate the serial number of the card machine (located on the back)

      3. Enter the serial number in the textbox, and then select "Activate card machine"


      Please note: If this option is not available during your sign up, please select the "Just Online Payments" payment option at checkout, then send a message to our support team with the card machine serial number, so we can assign the card machine to your new account.

  2. Add Bank Details
    The new owner must add their business bank details to their Business Portal here. This ensures that payout is processed to the correct bank account.Continue_Setup_for_payout.jpg
  3. Submit FICA Documents
    A clear photo of the ID for the new owner must be uploaded to their newly created Yoco Business Portal here. This ensures that payout to the new owner can be activated.
    Explore more about why we require FICA.

As with all new Yoco sign-ups, the Yoco Onboarding Team will process the new application. If there are any vetting queries, we will be in contact with the new owner via email or phone call.


IMPORTANT: Please note that only working card machines can be transferred or bought back. Yoco also accepts no responsibility for the condition of the card machine sold to a new owner.


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