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Setting up Yoco Payments on WooCommerce

You can now accept payments from your online store, using the Yoco Payment Gateway. Integrate the Yoco Payment Gateway into your Woocommerce Wordpress website, by following a few simple steps and start accepting online payments within minutes.  

You can learn more about the Yoco Payment Gateway here

How to activate your plugin

Log into your WordPress Admin dashboard

    1. Find Plugin menu and click ‘Add New’
    2. Search for Yoco Payment Gateway plugin (typing Yoco is sufficient)
    3. Click ‘Install Now’Screenshot_2020-05-18_at_18.39.58.png

    4. Once the plugin has installed, click ‘Activate'
      The Yoco Payment Gateway is now displayed in the list of plugins.

    5. Click on ‘Settings'
       Your API key information is captured on this screen.  If you would like to do a test transaction on your online store, follow the steps below.  If you’d prefer not to, skip to number 10.

    6. Click ‘Enable Yoco Gateway
    7. Check which Mode you are in – ‘Test’ or ‘Live’.  Choose ‘Test’
    8. Your API keys can be found in your Business Portal.  Go to Sell Online on the menu, and click on ‘Payment Gateway’.  Copy and Paste the Test Secret and Test Public keys.

    9. Click ‘Save Changes

      In order to set up your ‘Live’ API keys and start receiving payments, you need to do the following:

    10. Click ‘Enable Yoco Gateway
    11. Select ‘Live’ Mode
    12. Copy and Paste the Live Secret and Live Public keys, as displayed in your Business Portal
    13. Click ‘Save Changes


You’re now ready to start receiving payments! 

We suggest you do a test transaction with a small amount of money (R5 will do).  Once the transaction is successfully completed, both you and your customer will receive payment confirmation emails. If the transaction fails, a payment failure message will be displayed on the payment screen. All plugin payments information can be viewed on your Sales History Report.



You're all set to go!  

Where can I see my transactions?

WooCommerce Dashboard

            1. Click 'WooCoomerce'
            2. Click 'Orders'

A list of your payment history is displayed here.



Yoco Business Portal

            1. Go to your Yoco Business Portal, click Sales and Refunds
            2. Click 'History'



How can I process a refund?

WooCommerce Dashboard

This functionality is not currently available in WooCoomerce. You need to process a refund or cancellation via your Yoco Business Portal.  


Yoco Business Portal

  1. Go to your Yoco Business Portal, click Sales and Refunds 
  2. Click 'History'
  3. Select the transaction that you would like to refund. The transaction details window will then pop up over the sales history report screen.Screenshot_2020-11-02_at_14.28.58.png
  4. Click 'Refund' (located on the top right)
  5. Select from the list of Reasons for Refund and re-enter your Business Portal password
  6. Click 'Submit'
  7. Refresh your Sales History screen to view the refund transaction on the report. 
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