Gift Vouchers

Selling Gift Vouchers Online

Now it's simple for your customers to support you whenever they can. Create your online Gift Voucher page in the Yoco app, share it online and sell them to your customers. Anytime, anywhere. Now all that's left to do is look forward to when they redeem the voucher in person.

Gift Vouchers are available on the latest version of the app. You can read about how to check your app version and update it on Android or on iOS.  


Getting started with Gift Vouchers.

Step 1: Activate Gift Vouchers in your Yoco App or Business Portal.

Step 2: Share your voucher link on social media, your website or anywhere your customers can find it.

Step 3: Customers buy vouchers and you track everything in-app.

Step 4: You get paid when the voucher is bought, not when it's redeemed instore.


How do customers redeem Gift Vouchers?

Once a customer buys a Gift Voucher from you, they are shown a unique voucher code after making the payment. They will also be emailed the voucher code automatically for safe storing. They can then visit your business and on checkout request to pay with the voucher code. The voucher amount will then be offset with the checkout amount and they can settle the balance by card or cash.

Will my customers carry a balance on the gift voucher?

Yes. If the voucher amount exceeds the checkout amount, the Gift Voucher will carry the balance to be redeemed whenever they visit your business again. This means customers can support you now and their balances are automatically tracked for them.

How do I share my Gift Voucher page with my customers?

Once the Gift Voucher feature is activated, you'll receive your own unique Gift Voucher page link. This link can be shared through Whatsapp, SMS, Email or on your social media channels with your customers including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Get your social media followers supporting your business by sharing your Gift Voucher page with them.

How do I know when a gift voucher is purchased?

Once you've shared your Gift Voucher link with your customers, you'll receive an email after every voucher purchase. This email will contain the voucher amount and the customer email address.

How long is a Gift Voucher valid for?

3 years from the date of purchase. 

Can Gift Vouchers be redeemed with online purchases?

Currently, Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed in-store using the Yoco Point of Sale App at checkout. However, if a customer wants to redeem a voucher for an online purchase, they can send you their unique voucher code and you can accept it as a payment method for the goods ordered.

What are the fees?

We launched online card payments at a promotional rate until 1 October 2020. We did this to help our customers through the first few months of the COVID-19 lockdown. However, online payments cost on average 0.5% more than card machine payments, so we could not keep this promotional price forever.

All Yoco customers that already use online payments (ie those who have already completed an approved online transaction of R500 and above) will remain on the 2.95% discount until 1 February 2021. For new customers, online payment pricing will start at 3.40% (ex. VAT) from 1 October 2020 and will tier down in the same way that rates for in-person card payments do.

How do I get paid?

All online payments are linked to your existing Yoco Account and money will be paid out within 2 business days as part of your usual payouts.

What cards are accepted currently?

All VISA and MasterCard cards that are 3D Secure enabled are accepted, including international cards. AMEX and Diners are not currently supported.

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