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Phones and tablets compatible with Yoco card machines

Smartphones and tablets are ever evolving and new brands are surfacing on a regular basis. For this reason we have listed the specifications for devices that will work with your Yoco card machine. 

NOTE: these are basic guidelines and specifications may vary from device to device. You can check the specifications of your device at  


  • Your Android device must be running Android 4.4. or higher.
  • Your device should have 2GB RAM or higher.
  • You must run an updated version of the Yoco app: Version 3.3.0 or higher for Android.
  • Your phone should be Samsung Pay compatible.

You can check if your Android device is supported here.


  • Latest iOS software version or iOS 9.3.5 and above.
  • An updated version of the Yoco app: Version 2.18.0 build 3 or higher for iOS.

You can check if your iOS device is supported hereMost Apple iOS devices running the latest iOS version are compatible. 

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