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How safe is the Yoco Go card machine?

The Yoco Go card machine is Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) and Payment Card Industry (PCI)* approved. All transactions processed are securely encrypted and no card information is stored on the card machine. 

Please see below for certifications on the Yoco Go card machine:

  • EMV L1 & L2 Technology
  • EMV Contactless L1
  • PCI-PTS 4.x with SRED 
  • VISA PayWave 
  • MasterCard PayPass 
  • MasterCard TQM 
  • VISA Pin Security 
  • Discover D-PAS
  • America Express Pay
  • JCB J/Speedy
  • PBOC 3.0 L1 & L2 
  • QPBOC 3.0 L2 
  • Bluetooth BQB
  • FCC, CE
  • RoHS

* EMV is a global standard for cards equipped with chips. PCI is a security standard for businesses that accept card payments. 

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