After Receiving Your Card Machine

Taking care of your Yoco Go card machine

Your Yoco Go card machine is made to endure general wear and tear and daily use. However, it must be treated with care for it to last. 

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your card machine stays well maintained:

  1. Regularly check both card slots to make sure they stay free of debris and dirt.
  2. Avoid charging your card machine overnight.
  3. Store your card machine in a cool place and avoid extreme temperatures.
  4. Due to the sensitive nature of the card machine, we encourage all merchants not to drop the card machine.
  5. Do not open or attempt to fix the machine as this will result in the machine going into an irreversible system tampered mode. 
  6. Avoid using the card machine near electrical appliances or other devices that cause excessive voltage fluctuations or emit electrical noise (for example, air conditioners, electric motors, neon signs, high-frequency or magnetic security devices, or computer equipment).
  7. Yoco card machines are not waterproof - please avoid all contact with water and other liquids

The Yoco Go card machine comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, which covers any manufacturing defects from the day you receive it. 

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