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Your Online Payment Page

Use your Payment Page to accept payments online from your customers, even if you don’t have a website. 

How does it work?

Payment Page is a simple way for any customer to pay you online. Open your Yoco app, create your Payment Page in a few clicks and share it with the world to accept multiple payments online. 

Your Payment Page can be used in a number of ways. You can copy the link and add it to your invoices, website, emails or newsletters. You can also share the link to your customers directly from your Yoco App or post the link on social media.
Your customer clicks the link and pays using their card details on your secure Payment Page. Our online platform uses 3D Secure authentication – this means that they will receive a ‘One Time PIN’ from their bank as part of the payment process, guaranteeing the safety of the transaction.
You get an email notification every time a customer pays using your Payment Page, and you should see a record of all payments made on your Sales History.

Who would benefit from using Payment Page?

Payment Page is very versatile and can be used in many different ways.
  • If you're an NPO, your payment page can be used to accept donations.
  • If you're in the retail or services industry, and usually send Invoices, you can add your Payment Page as a new payment method onto your invoices.
  • If you're selling products or services on social media, you can link to your Payment Page in your bio.
If you'd like to send one-off payment requests to individual customers, for the specific the amount they need to pay, our Payment Request feature may be suitable for you.

What are the fees?

Online payments are usually more expensive than in-person payments. But until 1 September 2020, you'll be charged the same fees for online payments as your current card machine fees. As of 01/09/2020, the transaction fees for online payments will be 0.5% higher than card machine payments which start at 2.95%.

How do I get paid?

All online payments are linked to your existing Yoco Account and money will be paid out within 2 business days as part of your usual payouts.

What cards are accepted currently?

All VISA and MasterCard cards that are 3D Secure enabled are accepted, including international cards. AMEX and Diners are not currently supported.

How do I start using my payment page?

Log in to your Yoco App, tap Online Payments > Payment Page from the menu. Activate the feature by tapping Activate

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