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How to add tabs for your customers

Saved Bills and Tabs allows your business to easily run tabs, tables and accounts. It allows for any scenario where you may not want to process each sale immediately after ringing it up.

Saved Bills lets you take any bill they are busy with and save it under a name of your choice, for example “Table 1”. You can then retrieve this easily from your sell screen. Once a bill is saved, you can continue to process other sales, coming back to the saved bill at any time by simply tapping the "Bills" button.

An additional item can also be added to a saved bill, by first loading the bill from the Bills screen, and then adding items to it.

Saved Bills can be used throughout any of our mobile apps.

  NOTE Saved Bills is now available to all merchants. To get it, simply update your app to the latest version on the app store relevant to your device. You can read about how to update your app here on either Android or on iOS.

How to use saved bills

  1. Add products to your cart

  2. On the top of your cart, you will see a Save Bill button. Tap it to save the bill.
  3. You now have the option to name the bill. If you don't name it, the app will just save it with the current time.

  4. Tapping Save will save the bill, and you will return to a new cart.
  5. On this new cart, you can tap the Bills button to view all of your current saved bills. You can also search by the names of your bills in this screen.


  6. If you open a bill, it will load into your cart. You can then add additional items to the bill, or make any other modifications that you need to (such as adding a bill discount or a note).


  NOTE You can keep a saved bill for as long as you want (a day, weeks, or months). There is no expiry date on saved bills.

Some ideas to use saved bills in your business

  • Run a tab for your customers saving the bill under their name, and process the payment at the end of the evening. 
  • Save bills that correspond to the table numbers in your venue, so that you can only need to request payment at the end of the meal or service.
  • Use saved bills as a way for customers to purchase on account, and then settle their balance at the end of the week or month.


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