Transacting with a Yoco Card Machine

How to view your sales history

The SALES AND REFUNDS section of the Point of Sale app allows you to easily view your sales, as well as process refunds.

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Making sense of the icons

You'll see a bunch of icons on the SALES AND REFUNDS screen. To find your way, here's a guide.

Icon Meaning
IMG_6531.PNG Refund
IMG_6533.PNG A successful card transaction
IMG_07C06E525E47-1.jpeg A failed card transaction
IMG_6532.PNG A cash transaction
IMG_6534.PNG A successful transaction on a portion of a split bill
IMG_5C3F16201A5C-1.jpeg A failed transaction on a portion of a split bill
IMG_6535.PNG More options, allowing you to send and view a receipt; and refund a transaction
IMG_F9516A19FDE3-1.jpeg Transaction note


If you've set up custom payment methods, the icons you've chosen will display in the SALES AND REFUNDS section if you've made sales using those payment methods.

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Viewing sales

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  1. From the menu top left, select SALES AND REFUNDS.
  2. On the SALES AND REFUNDS screen, you'll see a breakdown of your sales by day, including the total sales for the day, and any tips added.

  3. Select any of the sales for a detailed view of the sale. In the detailed view, you'll see:
    • The date and time of the sale
    • The item/s included in the bill
    • The ability to add a note after the sale
    • The Subtotal, VAT and Total
    • The payment method

  4. Select the   icon to either send a receipt, view a receipt, or refund a customer.


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