POS: Sales and refunds

POS: How to refund a customer

You can refund a customer easily via the SALES AND REFUNDS screen. Here's how:

  IMPORTANT: Only credit card transactions and cash payments can be refunded after the day payment is made. Debit cards can be reversed on the same day payment is received.

If you process the refund on the same day as the payment, before 7pm, then the refund will be instant. If you request the refund after 7pm, or the next day, your customer will receive their money back within 7 working days.

Processing a refund

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  1. On the SALES AND REFUNDS screen, select the transaction that you'd like to refund.

  2. On the transaction detail screen, select the   icon at the bottom.

  3. Select Refund.

  4. Select the email address or mobile number that you'd like to send the refund notification to.

  5. Select a reason for your refund, and then select Refund.

  6. Once your refund has been processed, a confirmation pop-up will display.

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