Transacting with a Yoco Card Machine

How to split a bill

If your customer wants to pay a bill using two payment method, like card and cash; or if you have two customers that want to share payment on a bill, you can split the bill. Here's how:

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  1. On the Edit Bill screen, select the green Charge button. 
  2. On the pop-up that displays, select Split Bill.

  3. On the SPLIT BILL screen, select Add Payment.

  4. Select your payment method. A keypad will display prompting you to enter the AMOUNT TENDERED. Once entered, select Pay bottom right.

  5. Once you've processed your first payment, a payment confirmation pop-up display. Send your customer a receipt, and then select Done.

      FIND OUT how to send a customer receipt.

  6. On the main SPLIT BILL screen, the first amount you've tendered will display as a line item. Select Add Payment to process payment on the next portion of the split bill. At the bottom of your bill, the Bill total, Amount Remaining and Total Paid is displayed.

  7. If you'd like to view a receipt, send a receipt, or refund any portion of the split bill, simply select the   icon to the right of the tentered amount line item.
  8. Once you've paid all the portions of the split bill, close the bill by select Close Bill at the bottom of your bill.
  9. Congrats, you've split and paid a bill!
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