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How to do a test card transaction

If you're new to Yoco, we suggest doing a test card transaction to help you master Yoco card transactions. The SELL screen is your gateway to making sales in the Point of Sale app.

We'd suggest doing a R15 test transaction, as that's the minimum amount that we can settle into your bank account. Here's how:

  FIND OUT more about the Yoco Point of Sale (POS) app, how we check and verify your bank account, or more about our settlement guidelines.

Doing a test transaction

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  1. Log into the Yoco Point of Sale app using the login details you created at signup.
  2. From the menu top left, select SELL
  3. The SELL screen will default to ENTER AMOUNT. Enter R15.00 on the keypad.

  4. Once you've entered the R15.00 amount, select the green Charge button at the bottom of the screen.

  5. A pop up will display asking you to select the payment method. Select Card.


      IMPORTANT: Only the default card payment method will process card transactions with your Yoco card reader. Any custom payment methods won't be authorised and processed through Yoco.

  6. A pop-up will display prompting you to insert or swipe a card. Insert your card in the card reader.



    Card reader

  7. Once the card has been inserted or swiped, a pop-up will display prompting you to enter your PIN. Enter your PIN on the card reader keypad.



    Card reader

  8. A pop-up will display displaying that the card transaction is processing.



    Card reader

  9. Once the card transaction has been processed, a pop-up will display asking you to remove the card.



    Card reader

  10. If the transaction was processed successfully, a pop-up will display the transaction status, and you can send yourself a digital receipt by selecting Send receipt.



    Card reader


      FIND OUT how to send a customer receipt.

  11. Once you've sent the receipt, select Done.
  12. Hooray! You've done a test transaction and you're now ready to start transacting with your Yoco.
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