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Adding shortcuts in your Yoco App (tablets only)

Once you've added brands, categories and products to your store, and you're using either the iPad or Android tablet apps, you can easily arrange them by adding shortcuts. Here's how: 

  FIND OUT how to add products, how to add brands, or how to add categories to your store.

How to add shortcuts:

 iPad  Tablet

  1. On the top left of your app, select Menu, then MANAGE MY STORE, and then SHORTCUTS.
  2. At the bottom of the shortcuts screen, select ADD PAGE.

  3. On the pop-up, give your page a name, and then select Add page.

  4. Once you've created your page, select any of the available blocks on the Manage shortcuts screen.
    1. Add product > Select a product to add, or create a new product to add to your shortcut screen.

    2. Add brand > Select a brand to add, or create a new brand to add to your shortcut screen.

    3. Add category > Select a category to add, or create a new category to add to your shortcut screen.

  5. Continue adding as many brands, categories or products as you'd like to your shortcuts screen.
  6. You can rearrange any of your brands, categories or products by simply selecting the item and dragging it to another empty block.

  7. Once you're done adding and rearranging your shortcut screen, select SAVE top right. 

How to edit shortcuts

 iPad  Tablet

  1. You can add shortcut screens at any time; add any brands, categories or products to pre-existing shortcut screen, or rearrange your shortcut screens at any time.
  2. Simply navigate to your shortcut screen, add any items as described above, or delete any item by selecting the   icon at the top right of any item block.
  3. You can also edit the name of any of your shortcut pages by first selecting and holding down on the page name at the bottom, and then on the pop-up either editing the name, or deleting the shortcut page completely.

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