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PORTAL: Setting up tips or custom payment methods for your Point of Sale app

Setting up tips and customer payment methods can easily be done via the Business Portal. Here's how.

   FIND OUT how to set up tips or custom payment methods via your Point of Sale. 

Setting up Tips

Once enabled, tipping will allow you to add a gratuity to a bill based on a percentage of the total or an added currency value.  

There are three options available when setting up tips.

  • Ask for amount tendered (tips) on card payments: With the option enabled, when processing card payments, the app will ask how much you want to charge to that card. Enabling this is the easiest way to accept tips on card transactions.
  • Show an add tip button above the bill: This option allows you to manually add a percent or amount tip to a bill before starting payments.
  • Ask for tip on card reader: With this option enabled, your Yoco card reader will ask your customers if they would like to add a tip to their purchase before inserting their card.

To enable tips, select the check boxes to the right of the tips options you'd like to enable.

Trading Hours for Reporting

Customising your trading hours will allow for clearer reporting. You can track what sales were made in one continuous shift.

If you transact after midnight, this will allow you to see the transactions you made after midnight as part of the previous business day. e.g. Transaction at 1:04am tonight will show on reports for today.

Custom Payment Methods 

Payment methods allow your business to keep track of the multiple ways to pay for goods, products or services. Whether you accept EFTs, SnapScan or Gift Vouchers, you can add these payment methods to bring better control to the money moving through your business. 

   IMPORTANT: Only the default card payment method will process card transactions with your Yoco card reader. Any custom payment methods won't be authorised and processed through Yoco. 

    1. Select Add Payment Method.
    2. Enter a name for your custom payment method, and select an icon.

    3. Select Save to add your custom payment method.

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