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How to customise your receipts

You can customise the information displayed on your customer receipts, such as your contact details, company slogan, trading hours, social media handles, and logo - here's how.


How to customise your receipts:

  1. Log into your Business Portal
  2. Select Business Settings
  3. Select Receipt Configuration
    Here you can customise your Receipt Details and Social Media Handles:

 Receipt Details

  • You can Upload your Logo
  • You can select the Receipt Type (Receipt or Tax Invoice)
    Both will show a VAT breakdown, however, the name displayed on the receipt will change depending on which type is more relevant to your business.
  • Your Company Slogan
  • You can add a Receipt Footer
  • Option to show your phone number
  • Option to show your Yoco referral code


Social Media Handles

Here you can add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles:

Select Preview Receipt to take a look at your custom receipt!


  Now that your receipt is customised, and looking pretty good, it's time to start sending them out to customers! Click here to learn how to send a customer receipt.

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