Managing my Yoco Profile

Includes changing bank account details or account info, referring a friend, resetting your password, and verifying documents.

Set up email notifications for your sales reports and tax invoices

The Business Details section allow you to add or change your personal details at any time.

You can add or edit these easily on the mobile apps or via the Business Portal.

  1. When logged into your Business Portal, select Business Settings from the menu.
  2. You can set your email notifications under the Email Notifications section:

There are four sub-sections under the Email Notifications section:

  Send me this report  - Here you can set your report to daily, weekly or monthly.

  Send others this report  - Here you can set your staff members/other receivers notifications e.g. your accountant

  Add another person (Send to a staff member) - Here you can select an invited staff member to receive the report

  Add another person (Email) - Here you can add a new email address to receive the report e.g. your accountant

Sales Report

The Sales Report will show you a breakdown of your Sales for the time period select.

  FIND OUT which details are included in the report email.

Tax Invoice

The Tax Invoice can be emailed monthly and will show you the following:

  • A breakdown of the payouts made
  • The fees incurred on each payout
  • The VAT paid for each payout
  • The total VAT paid for the month
  • The total payout received for the month 

  FIND OUT what information is included on your tax invoices.

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