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How to connect a Wireless Card Reader to iKentoo

Connect your Yoco Wireless Card Reader to iKentoo is easy with a few steps. Here's how:

  1. Add the items/amount you wish to charge.
  2. Select the actions button i.e. large green button > and select Pay and Close

  3. Select the Payment Method drop-down menu and choose Yoco.

  4. Select Done

  5. Ensure that your Wireless Card Reader is awake and showing Yoco on the screen. Click Help me connect a new reader.

  6. Hold the green tick down on your Wireless Card Reader for 5 seconds until the Bluetooth symbol on the top left of the screen starts flashing, and then click Next on the iKentoo app. The app will search for the reader and display the available reader serial number on the Select An Accessory pop-up. Confirm that the serial number is correct, and then select the Miura XXXXXX accessory.

  7. A passkey will display on the iKentoo app and on the reader screen. Confirm the pairing by pressing the Green tick on the Wireless Card Reasder, and select Pair on the app.

  8. The app will finalise the connection.

  9. Once connected, the app will prompt you to insert or swipe the card.

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