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How to set up staff switching

  IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you have updated your Yoco App to at least version 2.2.5 on Android, and version 2.15.2 on iOS. You can check to see if there are any updates in your app store or check your version using the Yoco App.

Set Up Staff Switching

Set a login PIN for yourself:

  1. Open your Yoco App.

  2. Select More from the navigation bar at the bottom.

  3. Select Settings

  4. Select Personal Details

  5. Select set PIN

Create a login PIN for your staff:

  1. Select More from the navigation bar at the bottom.
  2. Select Staff
  3. Select a staff member to set a PIN 

Repeat these steps for each staff member.


Using Staff Switching in the Yoco App

  1. When you or your staff member is on the lock screen of the Yoco App, select the “lock” button in the top right corner to lock the Point of Sale.
  2. Select any staff member's name to then log in as them, using their PIN.Staff_Switching_Take_2_Animated_GIF-downsized_large__1_.gif


What happens if a staff member forgets their pin?

A Manager or Owner can unlock and reset the PIN for the staff member in the Staff Section of Manage Store. The Staff member can then unlock and create a new PIN for themselves.


  Now that your staff members are sorted, why not activate your tips feature? Click here to set this up.

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