How to set up the Xero Integration

Yoco integrates with Xero in a few easy steps. Before you begin the Yoco integration, please make sure the following has been completed:

  IMPORTANT: The Payments Account is a Chart Account. We strongly recommend that you select the Account Type as Current Asset, and not Bank Account, as this will create a double credit issue. 

Once this has been set up, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Business Portal, select Business Settings, and then Integrations. Select Connect to Xero.

  2. Then Sign in to XERO.

  3. Select your organisation from the drop-down, Allow Access and Authorise the integration.

  4. Select Next.

  5. Select Next again.

  6. Add the Card Transactions Account details from the drop-down. New account name suggestion: Yoco - card transactions.

      IMPORTANT: The options that appear will be revenue accounts. We recommend that you create a new account and specify a VAT RATE. Our recommendation would be No VAT (0.00%). Please note that you may need to create this tax rate if it does not already exist in your Xero account. You can also change the Account code - please ensure that this code is unique. The system will check if this account code has been used against any other accounts. 

  7. Add the Cash Transactions Account details (optional if you’d like to track cash payments). Follow the same process as adding the Card Transactions Account.

  8. Add the Fee Transactions Account details. The options that will appear are expense accounts.

  9. Set up the Tips Account details. 

  10. Select the Payments Account that you've set up from the drop-down. 

  11. Select Next and your integration is complete!
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