Yoco Capital

Grow your business with a cash advance.

What is Yoco Capital?

Yoco Capital is an upfront sum of cash that is provided to a Yoco merchant in exchange for a fixed percentage of future card sales.

How does Capital work?

  • We tailor an offer to you based on your transaction history with your Yoco device.
  • Your offer will be made available here: portal.yoco.co.za/capital
  • You will be made aware of all costs and the final amount payable prior to accepting or declining your capital offer.
  • You pay back your capital amount automatically with a percentage of your Yoco card sales as per the agreed holdback percentage. The higher your sales, the faster you repay. On days without sales, you won’t pay anything, and there is no fixed term within which you need to pay.

How is this different from a loan?

  • Yoco Capital is not a loan or debt instrument. It is, however, a type of financing that is linked to a merchant’s previous trading patterns and future turnover.
  • It differs from a loan in that you do not have to disclose the reason for your capital requirements.
  • It differs from a loan as there is no accruing interest but rather a once-off flat rate: the final amount you see when applying is the total amount you will pay back over time, even if you go over your ideal repayment period.
  • There is almost no admin and zero paperwork: your contract with the respective offer is available in your Business Portal and is accessible in 3 simple steps.

Are the terms/ months fixed?

No. The terms are estimated based on Yoco card transaction history. If your Capital Deduction Plan rolls past the agreed term, there will be no penalties or added interest.

What is the interest rate?

      • With Yoco Capital there is a fixed cost of finance (fixed, once-off rate), rather than an interest rate applied to the capital sum. The cost of finance is seen during the application process (prior to accepting or declining your offer), when you are able to view your respective options.
      • The amount you see in the application is the total amount: no additional late fees, interest fees etc

What is a holdback rate?

It is the percentage of your Yoco transactions that is contributed directly to the repayment of your Capital plan. This means that you will contribute more on busy days but will not be penalised on quieter days.  The aim is to minimise the impact to your cash flow.

Do I have to be a Yoco merchant to obtain Capital?

Yes. Yoco merchants are able to access Capital given that the minimum requirements are met.

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