Business Portal: Sales and Refunds

PORTAL: How to refund a customer

You can process a refund easily via your Business Portal. To process it, log into the Business Portal, select Sales And Refunds, and then History. Once there, select the transaction you'd like to process a refund on. A transaction detail panel will open from the right.

  IMPORTANT: Refunds on debit cards can only be processed on the same day. Refunds on credit cards can be done on any day, but the refund can take up to from 3 to 7 business days to reflect in your customers' account.

How to process the refund

  1. Select Refund.

  2. On the next screen, choose the reason for the refund.

  3. Enter your password, and select Process refund.
  4. Once the refund has been successfully processed, the refund icon will display in front of the transaction in your main transaction history screen.


  FIND OUT how to process a refund via our mobile apps.

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