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My Yoco Card Machines keypad isn't working

If your card machines keypad isn't working, ask yourself the following:

  Has anything been spilt on the machine? Is the machine sticky?

  Is only one button affected, or numerous ones?

  Did a customer highlight the issue e.g. when entering their pin they experienced problems?

We'd recommend:

  1. Set up the tip option on either the mobile app or the Business Portal.
  2. Start a test transaction of R1.00
  3. When the card machine displays 'Would you like to enter a Tip amount?', try every button, 1 through to 9 to see if the keys are pushing. 

  IMPORTANT: If the keypad is faulty please get in touch with us. If your machine is still covered under the warranty, and nothing has been spilt on the machine, we'll organise a replacement.

  CHECK OUT our card machine policies.

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