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Viewing your detailed transaction history

If you'd like to do a thorough deep dive into your transaction history, log into your Business Portal, select Sales And Refunds, and then History.

Your sales history allows you to view the following based on predefined date ranges:

  • Your detailed sales history by exact time of day for the date range you have selected.
  • The ability to filter your sales history by payment type, ie. card, cash, refund, etc.
  • The ability to sort your sales history by status, ie. approved, declined, aborted, error, etc.
  • The ability to filter your sales history by staff member.
  • The ability to group transactions by bills.
  • The ability to export your transaction history based on the date range you've selected.

Selecting a date range

At the top right of your transaction history, selecting the date picker allows you to view your sales history for the following date ranges:

  1. Pick a day,  allowing you to view transaction history for a specific date by selecting it from the date picker.

  2. Pick a month, allowing you to view your transaction history for a specific month by selecting your month from the drop-down.

  3. Pick a custom range, allowing you to select a specific date range from the date picker. To select your range, click on the start date, and then again on the end date of the period that you'd like to view a transaction history for.


Viewing your transaction history

First, you'll see a bunch of icons on the transaction history page. What do they all mean?

Icon Meaning
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_9.16.32_PM.png Refund
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_9.18.40_PM.png Load more
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_9.17.19_PM.png Bill closed with the cash payment method
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_9.40.28_PM.png Bill closed using a custom payment method
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_9.16.50_PM.png Mastercard card transaction processed through with Yoco
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_9.17.55_PM.png Visa card transaction processed through with Yoco
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_9.17.44_PM.png Generic card icon, normally displayed on failed transactions
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_9.19.15_PM.png Transaction note
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_10.01.58_PM.png A Yoco transaction that failed
Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_10.png A Yoco transaction that was declined

At the top of the transaction history screen, you can filter your transactions in different ways:

  1. By transaction type - Select the payment types you'd like to view transactions for. If you'd like to select more than one payment type, move the Select multiple toggle to on.

  2. By transaction status - Select the transaction status that you'd like to view transactions for. If you'd like to select more than one transaction status, move the Select multiple toggle to on.

  3. By staff member - Select the staff member that you'd like to view transactions for. If you'd like to select more than one staff member, move the Select multiple toggle to on.

  4. By bills - If you'd like to group your transactions by bills, move the toggle to on.


The transaction history details allow you to view the following:

  • The day and date of your transactions
  • The transaction total for the day, including a tip indicator
  • Icons indicating if the transaction was a refund, or if it was a failed or declined transaction
  • The time of the transaction
  • The staff member who processed the transaction
  • Icons indicating the payment type
  • Tags indicating tips, menu items, and custom amounts entered
  • Transaction notes
  • Transaction or bill totals


Viewing your transaction detail

Selecting any transaction in the transaction history screen will open a transaction detail panel to the right, that allows you to view and do the following:

  • Process a refund
  • Send a receipt to the customer
  • The day, time and date of the transaction
  • Any transaction note. Click on the note to edit it
  • A list of the items included in the sale, including quantity and total
  • The ex VAT total
  • Any tips added to the sale
  • The VAT amount
  • The bill total
  • The transaction status


  FIND OUT how to do a refund via the Business Portal and the mobile apps, or find out how to send a receipt via the Business Portal and via the mobile apps.

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