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I've bought a Yoco card machine from someone. What's next?

Welcome to the Yoco family!

To get you set up with your card machine, please complete the following:

  1. Please reach out to our Support team at for guidance on completing your application. Let them know you have purchased a card machine from an existing Yoco Merchant. 
  2. We need written consent from the original owner giving permission for you - the new owner - to take over ownership of the card machine. This needs to be done on the original owner's company letterhead: include names, business names, the serial number of the card machine (format xxx-xxxxxx) and needs to be signed by the original owner. Please find the attached draft and kindly ask the original owner to email this to
  1. The Onboarding Team will then process the new application. If there are any vetting queries, our Vetting team will be in contact with you.
  2. Once the Vetting checks have been completed, the card machine will be transferred to your new business. 
  3. Final steps: We will require a bank account and FICA documents from you to finalise the account and activate settlement.

P.S. Will you be using an integration such as TabletPOS or Vend? If so please let us know!

IMPORTANT: Please note only working card machines can be transferred or bought back. Yoco also accepts no responsibility for the condition of the card machine that is sold to the new owner.

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