Managing Your Store

Adding a staff member

On the Yoco App, you can keep track of who is transacting with your card machines, how much they’re selling, and view their sales details.

You can add and manage your staff’s access to the Yoco card machines easily, via the Yoco App, or on the
Business Portal.

How to Add a Staff Member:

Yoco App  Business Portal
    1. Log in to your Yoco App
    2. Select MORE, located on the far right of the navigation bar.
    3. Under MANAGE MY STORE, select STAFF.
    4. On the next screen, select ADD (located on the top right). 
    5. Enter your staff member’s first name, last name, email address, mobile number, and select the permission set that you'd like to give the staff member.

      The preset permission options (User Type) are as follows:

      • Staff Member
      • Supervisor
      • Manager
      • Administrator
      • Custom

    6. Once you've selected the permission set, select INVITE STAFF MEMBER.

Your staff member will then receive an invite, either via email or SMS, which will include their new login details for the Yoco mobile App.

Should the staff member download the App on a new device, they should take care not to select Sign Up, as this will prompt them to create a brand new account. Rather select Login and use the login details provided in their original invite email or SMS.


 Want to set up staff switching? Follow our step by step guide here

Adding a staff member troubleshooting tips

My added staff member did not get the invitation email

As the Yoco app has now been downloaded, the staff member needs to click "Forgot password" on the Yoco app's login screen, and enter the email address or mobile number that was added to get the link to reset the password.
Once they have put in their new password, they will proceed to the app and login.

I am trying to add a staff member but I am getting the following error message “the staff member already exists”

This means that the staff member's mobile number is already been added to Yoco.

You can follow up with the staff member if they have previously been added on another profile OR if they have an existing Yoco profile. If this is the case, the staff member must be removed from the old business profile before you can add them to your business profile.

Alternatively, you can add them to your Yoco profile, using a different mobile number or email.

You have invited a staff member, but when trying to login it says ‘session expired’

This means that the staff member has no permissions. When the admin added the staff member and selected the custom permissions, none of the boxes were ticked.

For example - if the staff member does not have “Can view transactions” permission ticked, they will not be able to access the app and the ‘session expired’ error message will appear.

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