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My Wireless Card Reader's screen is blank

If your Wireless Card Reader's screen is completely blank, here are some troubleshooting tips to try and fix it.

  1. If the screen is not displaying anything the first step is to check the battery level of the reader. If the battery has drained completely you will not be able to turn the reader on. Plug the reader into the wall for 3 hours to charge and check to see if the red light comes on.

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  2. If after charging for 3 hours the screen does not turn on, please unplug the reader from the charger and complete a reset (using a flat-headed object). If the screen displays the 3 options please select Option 1: Power up as normal

    Let the reader reload and once showing Yoco on the screen you can continue to transact.
  3. Should the reader not display any options on the screen after completing the reset please check the exterior of the reader for any dents/deep scratches. If the reader has fallen hard it may have damaged the internal workings and impacted the screen.

    If there is no external damage please get in touch with us. If the reader is still within its 1-year warranty, we'll replace it. However, please note that if the reader is returned to Yoco with visible damage marks from being dropped or fallen, we'll invoice you for the replacement.

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