Card Machines

Connecting your Yoco Card machine to multiple devices

This article will explain the steps to follow if you would like to connect your Yoco Card machine to multiple phones/tablets.

  1. On Device A, go into your Bluetooth settings and forget the machine.
    Android:   + Unpair
    iOS:   + Forget
  2. Then check that the machine is awake. The Yoco Card Machines go into a sleep mode when left idle for a few minutes. To do this, you will need to press the green tick on the Card machine once.
  3. Once awake head to the following location on Device B and pair the machine to your second device.

    Yoco POS > More > Settings > Card Machine 
  4. Once repaired please then complete a test transaction

  IMPORTANT: You can only pair your Yoco Card Machine to one device at a time. Please make sure you forget the machine on all devices before trying to connect to a new device.

  FIND OUT how to pair your machine to your app.

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