Pairing your Yoco Wireless Card reader through Bluetooth (out-of-app)

There are two ways in which to pair your Wireless Card Reader. There's the in-app method, and then there's the out-of-app method.

Pairing out-of-app from your iPad settings

  1. Minimize the Vend app, and open Settings on your iPad.


  2.  Select the Bluetooth tab and please ensure that the Bluetooth toggle is on.


  3. Hold down the green tick button on the Wireless Card Reader for 5-7 seconds until the bluetooth symbol on the screen begins to flash. Once it's flashing, you can release the button. The iPad will scan for the device. When it's found it will show as Miura with the unique six-digit serial number of your card reader (You can confirm the serial number on the silver strip on the back of your card reader).


  4. Tap on the Muira device and a pairing request will appear both on the iPad screen and on the card reader.


  5. Click on the green tick button of the Wireless Card Reader, and then select Pair on the iPad screen. If the connection is successful, it will display as connected under MY DEVICES in the bluetooth settings.


  6. Once your card reader is paired, you can return to the Vend Register app and start transacting!
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