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What is Bluetooth? And how does it work?


Bluetooth allows pieces of technology, like cell phones, printers, PCs, digital cameras, and other gadgets to link to each other over relatively short distances using wireless (radio wave) technology. 

In short, Bluetooth allows your phone or tablet to "talk" to your Yoco Card Machine.

People often get confused by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi because they seem to do similar things. They're actually very different.

Bluetooth is mainly used for linking computers and electronic devices over very short distances, often for only brief or occasional communication using relatively small amounts of data. 

Whereas Wi-Fi is designed to share much larger amounts of data between computers and the internet, often over much greater distances. It can involve more elaborate security and it generally uses much more power.

In short, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are complementary technologies that are used for different needs.

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