My card machine is not reading cards

If your Yoco card machine isn't reading chip cards, here are some troubleshooting tips that might help fix the problem:

  1. Is the card being entered into the machine correctly?

    Please make sure you're entering the card into the machine the correct way around. The card should be facing up, numbers visible with the chip inside the card machine, as illustrated below:
  2. Retry the transaction with a different card.

    If you're definitely entering the card correctly and the machine is still not reading chip cards, please retry the transaction with a different card. The chips on cards wear down with constant use and can also get damaged.

  3. Check that there's nothing stuck inside.

    If a new card is also not working, please take a torch or bright light, and look inside of the machine’s card slot, to see if there is anything stuck inside.

  IMPORTANT: Card machines carried loose in bags can get paper, tissue, or tiny objects stuck inside of them. If there seems to be something inside the card slot, please try to remove it very gently.

If you've tried a new card, and nothing is stuck inside the machine’s slot, and it's still not working, please contact our support team via Live Chat directly from our website or help centre. If your card machine is still under warranty (within one year from the date you received it), we'll organise a replacement.


  CHECK OUT more information on our card machine policies.

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