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Troubleshooting for the Yoco Pro, Yoco Go, and Yoco Lite card machines.

My card machine's power button is stuck

Your Yoco Card Machines power button is what you use to power up and power down your card machine. On the Yoco Pro, it's the blue button on the top right of the machine, and on the Yoco Lite, it's the black button to the left of the card machine.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, this power button can get stuck.

What happens when the button is stuck?

When the power button gets stuck inside the machine the machine gets caught in a limbo state. 

  You won't be able to transact with the machine.

  You won't be able to reset the machine.

  The green lights on the top of the machine will flash whilst the machine has battery power.

  Once the battery has drained you won't be able to turn it on.

Causes, and how to fix it

We will first outline how power buttons get stuck inside the machine. The power on the Yoco Pro sits flush with the casing of the machine. This means when the button is depressed and moved at an angle it can get stuck under the lip of the power buttonhole.

This happens when a smaller object that the button is used to turn the machine on/off such as:

  •   A fingernail
  •   A pen

When the button gets stuck, we don't recommend using a pen, knife, or similarly, sized object to try and force it out. This will permanently damage the power button and create rough edges, which will get stuck time and time again.

As illustrated below, to get the button unstuck, simply use your nail and push the button down, and then back.

Once you've unstuck the button, make sure you're only using the pad of your finger to turn the machine on and off. This will prevent the button from moving under the casing lip.

It's very rare for power buttons on the Yoco Lite to get stuck as the structure of the button is different. In the event the button does get stuck, please try the same method.

  IMPORTANT: If you're not able to get the button unstuck yourself, please get in touch with us. Our logistics team will arrange a refurbished replacement card machine for you, and collect the machine with the stuck button for assessment.

  CHECK OUT our card machine policies.

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