Why did my payment fail?

It can be really frustrating when a payment fails. In this article, we have summarised some of the most common reasons why a payment may fail so that you can understand what happened and try to prevent it from happening again.

Did your card machine get disconnected?

The Go, Pro, and Lite card machines all connect to your phone/tablet via Bluetooth and need to stay connected when you are accepting a payment. If the connection is lost, it can cause the payment to fail. Below are troubleshooting steps that can help you restore the connection with your card machine.


How stable is your internet connection?

For Yoco to process a payment, we need your phone/tablet to have a stable internet connection. If you're using WiFi, try changing to data.

Did you or your customer abort the payment?

A payment gets canceled/aborted when any of the below happens. The solution here is to simply retry the payment.
  The Cancel button is tapped on the screen in the app.

  The Red X button is pressed on the card machine.

  The app is closed or minimised.

  The customer takes too long to present their card.

It says that the payment got declined.

If the payment got declined, this often means that there was something wrong with your customer's card and the solution is usually to ask the customer to try a different one. A payment can get declined for any of the below reasons:

  There are insufficient funds on the card.

  The card has been reported as lost or stolen.

  The customer has reached their monthly account limit on the card.

  Yoco does not support the type of card the customer is using.

  The card is expired.

FIND OUT which cards Yoco accepts.

The payment failed but my customer still got an SMS from their bank

In some cases, a card transaction will fail but the customer will still receive an SMS notification saying that their bank account was debited. This does not mean the transaction was successful. This can happen because some banks send the SMS once they have received a request to deduct the funds before the transaction has been finalised. The transaction can still fail in the final step, resulting in an error even though the customer has been sent an SMS.

  IMPORTANT: If your payments continue to fail or you are getting an error message that isn't explained in this article, please get in touch via Live Chat on our website or help centre so that we can help you.

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