Understanding failed transactions

This article aims to provide insight into why certain transactions fail.

General Transaction Failures

This error may occur if:

The Internet connection is poor. If you're using WiFi, change to Data.
The card machine's connection is interrupted. This can happen if your phone rings during the transaction.
The payment times out. Double-check your settings and retry the transaction. If you are using WiFi change to Data.

The Yoco App is closed or minimised while processing the transaction. 

If the issue persists contact, please get in touch with us.

Transaction Declined

This can occur due to a number of reasons:

The customer has insufficient funds
Yoco does not support your customer’s card.
The card has been reported as Lost or Stolen
Your customer has reached their monthly account limit.

Transaction Cancelled

This will happen if you, or your customer, swipes across the app to cancel the payment or if your customer presses the red x on the card machine. In this instance simply retry the payment.

NB: Failed Transactions & SMSs

In some cases a card transaction will fail, but the customer will still receive an SMS notification saying that their bank account was debited. This does not mean the transaction was successful. This can happen, because some banks send the SMS once they have received a request to deduct the funds before the transaction has been finalised. The transaction can still fail in the final step, resulting in an error even though the customer has been sent an SMS.

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