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Troubleshooting for the Yoco Pro, Yoco Go, and Yoco Lite card machines.

Reset your card machine

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, you might have to reset your Yoco Card Machine completely. There are different ways to reset your card machine. Here's how:   


Yoco Pro Yoco Go Yoco Lite

Resetting a Yoco Pro

  1. Find the reset button. It's a small hole located directly to the left of the blue power button.

  2. Insert a paper clip or earring as seen below. Please don't use anything sharper than this, as it can damage the card machine.
  3. Press down into the pinhole for about 5 seconds. A revive menu will display on the machine and you'll be given 3 options:


Select the correct option for your scenario as described below:

Option 1: Power up as Normal (preferred option)

Your card machine will power up and remain paired to your smartphone/tablet.

Option 2: System Restore

This option will reboot your card machine.

On the card machine screen, you will be prompted to “Start System Restore: Are you sure?”

If you want to start the system restore, press the green tick button on the card machine. If you do not wish to start the system restore, select the red x button.

If you select System Restore, you will be informed that the software is being restored with a pop-up message on the screen. You will see a Success message, and your card machine will restart.

This option re-installs the software on your card machine. You may be prompted to update your software before you can continue with transactions. This takes between 1 to 2 minutes. 

We highly recommend completing this update to ensure optimal usage of your card machine. 

Option 3: Total Factory Reset

This option will reset your Yoco card machine to its default settings.

This is the state that you first received your machine in. You will have to pair your card machine and smartphone/tablet again, and this option also re-installs the software. You may be prompted to update the software or firmware before you can continue with transactions.

Please note that it can take a few minutes for the software to reload onto the card machine. 

  IMPORTANT: Please only complete an Option 3 reset if a Yoco Support Team member asks you to. We highly advise against repetitively resetting the machine to its factory settings.

If the device requires you to pair your device again after resetting it, please hold down the green tick button for 5 seconds until the Bluetooth symbol starts flashing. Once paired, complete a R15.00 test transaction to check that transactions are processing smoothly again.

  FIND OUT how to pair your Yoco Card Machine to your device.

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