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My card reader displays 'System Tampered'. What should I do?


The card readers have a tamper detection system that detects unauthorised manipulation or fraud of the reader hardware. If a 'System Tampered' message pops up on the screen of your card reader,  the reader will no longer work. The detection system will trigger when somebody tries to crack open the case, or tries to tamper with the chip reader.

Due to the nature of the tamper trigger, this can unfortunately happen if the reader is dropped, or it falls. It can also trigger if there is an electrical surge whilst the reader is charging.

Unfortunately, we're not able to fix a reader that displays this error message. If your card reader is displaying this error, please get in touch with us to arrange for a replacement.

  IMPORTANT: Should this occur, we'll arrange for collection of the reader and assess the cause. If we deem the error to have been triggered due to a manufacturing error or electrical surge, and the reader is still within its 1-year warranty, we'll replace it. However, please note that if the reader is returned to Yoco with visible damage marks from being dropped or fallen, we'll invoice you for the replacement.

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