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What to do if the card machine or app is frozen?

What to do if your card machine freezes

Your card machine can freeze on a number of different screens. In this case, you will need to reset your card machine.

  IMPORTANT: when you are resetting your machine do not use something sharp, as this damages the reset button. Please use a paper clip/earring etc that has a flat head.

We would also strongly advise against completing a Reset 3: Total Factory Reset without first speaking to a Yoco Support team member.

Your card machine will either be frozen on the Miura Systems or the Yoco screen:

Frozen on Miura Systems

There are two Miura Systems screens:

  1. The loading screen
  2. The final booted up screen (when the Bluetooth and Battery symbols are visible).

The Loading Screen

  1. Please charge your card machine using a plug socket for at least 1 hour.
  2. After the hour has passed, unplug the machine and reset using Option 1: Power up as normal (to reset the Yoco card machine insert a paper clip/earring into a reset hole next to the power button).
  3. Should you require further assistance please chat with our team in the pop-up chat below.

The Final booted up Screen

  1. Reset the card machine using Option 2: System Restore (to reset the Yoco card machine insert a paper clip/earring into a reset hole next to the power button).
  2. Put the card machine into a pairing mode (hold down the green tick button until the Bluetooth symbol starts flashing).
  3. On your phone or tablet, go to your Bluetooth settings and locate your card machine, which will appear under the name Miura. Forget the machine
  4. On your device, go to the App -> Menu -> Settings -> Card machine
  5. Connect the card machine to your phone by pairing it via Bluetooth.
  6. Once connected the machine will begin updating the software.
  7. Once the update is complete a test transaction of R1.00.

Frozen on the Yoco screen while trying to pair

If your machine has frozen displaying the following screen, it means you will not be able to turn the machine off and will need to reset the card machine.

    1. Insert a flat-headed object into the reset next to the Power button.
    2. Three options will appear on the screen of the card machine:

  1. Select Option 1: Power up as normal 
  2. The card machine will reboot - wait until it shows Yoco again on the screen
  3. Then try a new transaction again.

What to do if your Yoco App freezes?

This happens if your phone has no data or WiFi. The App requires an internet connection to process a transaction.

To check if this is the problem, open up your internet browser e.g. Safari/Google and try and search for something. Should it not be able to bring up the search/takes a very long time, your internet connection is too weak to process transactions on Yoco.

  CHECK OUT our card machine policies.

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