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Insights on your popular products, returning customers, and top staff

The three blocks at the bottom of your home tab display insights on your most popular products, your returning customers, and your top staff.

Popular products

The POPULAR PRODUCTS block displays your 5 most popular products for the sales period that you have selected. If you'd like to get more details, select View More top right.


Returning customers

The RETURNING CUSTOMERS block display insights on what percentage of your customers are returning customers during the sales period you have selected. Hover your mouse over the graph to see the number of new customers, and the revenue from those customers during the same sales period select.


  IMPORTANT: These results are calculalated using only Yoco card transactions.

Top staff

The TOP STAFF block display your top five staff member sales based on the sales period you've selected. If you'd like to get a more detailed view, select View More top right.


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