Pairing your Yoco Wireless Card reader through Bluetooth (in-app)

There are two ways in which to pair your Wireless Card Reader. There's the in-app method, and then there's the out-of-app method.

Pairing your Yoco Wireless Card Reader in-app

  1. To pair your reader through the app, you'll first need to initiate a sale in the Vend Register app. Select an item, and then select Pay. The following screen will be displayed.


  2. Select the Yoco payment option. Once selected, the following pop up will display. Enable Location Permission.


  3.  Once enabled, select Connect Wireless Reader.


  4. Once you've put the card reader into pairing mode, select next.


  5.  A pop-up will appear with the Yoco device (this can take a few seconds to show). Once displayed, select the Miura device. 


  6.  A pairing request will then display. The unique code will also appear on your Wireless Card Reader. You'll need to accept the code on the card reader clicking on the Green Tick Button on your reader. Once clicked, please select the Pair option on the iPad screen. 


  7.  If the pairing is successful, the following will display.


  8.  Hooray! You are now ready to transact.

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