Setting up Yoco with Vend

  IMPORTANT: Make sure you have everything you'll need to set up your Vend/ Yoco integration.

To start accepting payments with Yoco through the Vend iPad app, first add the Yoco payment type to your Vend store. Here's how:

Adding Yoco as a payment type

  1. On your Vend home page, select the Setup option, and the following screen will display.

    Vend image 1
  2. Select the Payment Types tab (highlighted in grey).

    Vend image 2
  3. You'll navigate to the Payment Types screen.

    Vend image 3
  4. Select Add Payment Types, and then select Yoco from the drop down on the next screen. Once you've selected Yoco, you'll see the following screen.

    Vend image 4
  5. Select Save Payment Type, which will create the payment type. Once successfully created, a Payment type created pop up will display.

    Vend image 5
  6. Then select Save Payment Type again, which will save it to your Payment Types. When Payment type updated displays, you've successfully added Yoco as a payment type for your business.

    Vend image 6
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