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Overview and insights on your sales history

The middle section on the Business Portal Dashboard displays an overview of your sales today compared with yesterday, the last 7 days, and the last 30 days. This also includes a % showing the increase or decrease compared with the previous period.

To give you better insight into your business, below that and depending on which sales period you've selected, we display some quick facts on your number of sales, your average sale amount, your average number of items per sale, and the transaction totals by day or hour of the day.

Sales overview

Displayed here are 4 different sales tabs. One for yesterday, one for today, for the last 7 days, and one for the last 30 days.


The down   or up   arrow to the right of each sales total indicates the increase or decrease in sales compared to the previous period.

Hovering your cursor over the info icon   will display the % change in sales from the previous period.

Sales insights

Below your sales overview tabs, we display some insight quick facts about your business. Depending on which sales period tab you have select, we'll display:

  1. The number of sales for the selected sales period.
  2. The average sale amount for the selected sales period.
  3. The average number of items per sale.

Hover your mouse over any of the graph lines to get more insight into your sales.

Transactions overview

To the right of the sales quick facts, we display a transactions graph. The graph displays your transaction amount for the sales period you have selected. Hover your mouse over the graph line to view the transaction totals you did for any particular day, or hour of the day.


If you'd like to deep dive into your full transactional history, select View History top right.

  FIND OUT how to view your detailed transactional history.

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