Managing Your Store

Adding products to your store

You can easily add and arrange the products you sell through the Yoco App or via the Business Portal. Here's how:

  FIND OUT  how to add brands or categories to your store.

How to add products

Yoco App Business Portal

  1. Login to the Yoco App
  2. Select More, from the navigation bar at the bottom
  3. Select Products
  4. Select ADD 
  5. On the Add a product screen, enter a name for your product, the price, the Default cost price, select the tax applicable to your business, add a description if you want to, and add your product to a brand or category.


  6. Select Advanced options. On the pop up, toggle if you'd like the app to ask for price when adding product, to ask for quantity when adding product, the default quantity when prompting for quality, and whether you'd like to enter quantity units. Select Done when complete.

  7. On the Icon Design section, select Edit Tile Appearance.

  8. Choose a background colour for the product tile.

  9. Select the tile appearance. There are three options available:
    1. Text  - Which displays text on the product tile (max 4 characters)

    2. Icon - Which allows you to choose and display an icon on the product tile

    3. Image - Which allows you to choose an image for your product tile, either from your mobile phone gallery, or by taking a photo.

  10. Once you've chosen your tile appearance, select Done top right.

  11. For stock purposes, either select a product code (SKU) and the default cost price of the product. If you do not enter an SKU, we'll autogenerate one for you when you create your product.

  12. Turn on the Enable stock tracking for this product, if you'd like to keep track of your stock.

      FIND OUT  more about how to keep track of your stock. to your store.

  13. Under variants, add a name for your variant (eg. size), add attribute values (eg. Small, Medium and Large), and then select Save.

  14. Configure your variations by entering the price for each variant.

  15. Select Add product to complete.



How to edit your products

Once you've set up all your products, you can easily edit them, or even delete them. Here's how.

Yoco App Business Portal

  1. Login to the Yoco App
  2. Select More, from the navigation bar at the bottom
  3. Select Products
  4. Select the one you'd like to edit from the list of products.
  5. Edit either the name, price, tax, description, brand or product category; or the tile appearance; or edit any of your stock settings or variants, and then select SAVE. 
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