What version of the Yoco app is installed on your smartphone/tablet?

Which version of the Yoco App do I have installed?

  1. Open the Yoco app
  2. Select Help, from the navigation bar at the bottom. 
  3. Scroll down all the way to the bottom, underneath "Test your internet connection", you'll see the version of your Yoco app. 


 We're constantly working on improvements and enhancements to the Yoco app. So, for the best Yoco experience, we'd strongly suggest that you update the Yoco app, whenever a  newer version becomes available.

Do I have the latest version of the Yoco app installed?

  1. Search "Yoco" in Google Play (Android), App Store (IOS) or AppGallery (Huawei) 
  2. If the Yoco Point of Sale app page says "Update", then you don't have the latest version installed.
  3. Select Update to install the latest version. 
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