Transacting with a Yoco Card Machine

How to connect (pair) your Bluetooth card machine with the Yoco App

To transact with a Yoco Bluetooth card machine (Yoco Pro, Yoco Go, or Yoco Lite) you will need to connect your card machine, using Bluetooth pairing, to your smartphone/tablet.

IMPORTANT: Before connecting your card machine to your smartphone/tablet, please make sure that you have a stable WiFi, 3G or LTE data connection. Find out how to test your Internet Status.

How to pair your Yoco card machine

Select your card machine from the tabs below:

Yoco Pro Yoco Go Yoco Lite

Steps to connect your Yoco Pro to your smartphone/tablet:

  1. On your smartphone/tablet, turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone/tablet Settings.
  2. Turn on your Yoco Pro by pressing the blue power button, located on the top right of the card machine. 
  3. Open the Yoco App. Select More, from the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select Settings
  5. Select Card Machine
  6. Select Wireless Pro
  7. Activate the Bluetooth pairing function on the Yoco Pro by holding down the green tick button on the keypad for 5 seconds, until the Bluetooth icon on the card machine screen starts flashing.
  8. On your smartphone/tablet, select Find my machine.

      If you've paired your Yoco Pro with another smartphone/tablet previously, and if the previous smartphone/tablet is nearby, the Yoco Pro must be unpaired from the previous smartphone/tablet before it can be paired to the new smartphone/tablet.

  9. If you're using an iOS smartphone/tablet, Select An Accessory should appear; or if you're using an Android smartphone/tablet, Machines Near You should appear.
  10. Select your card machine from the list, and allow the Yoco App to attempt a pairing. The serial number can be found on the back, on a silver strip at the bottom of the card machine. The serial number format is 010-XXXXXX.

  11. A pop-up message titled Bluetooth Pairing Request will display on the Yoco App. Check that the passkey on your smartphone/tablet matches the number on the Yoco Pro's screen. Click Pair on your smartphone/tablet and press the green tick button on your Yoco pro to accept the passkey.
    IMG_6554.PNG    IMG_6555.JPG
  12. Once paired, a Yoco Connected message will display on the Yoco Pro's screen, and the Yoco App will display a green Connected status with the details of the card machine.


  Not connecting? If you are experiencing issues connecting your card machine to your smartphone/tablet, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow. 

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