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How to connect (pair) the Yoco Point of Sale app with your Wireless Card Reader

You can connect both our Wireless Card Readers using Bluetooth pairing to connect to your iOS or Android device with a few easy steps. Here's how:

  IMPORTANT: Before pairing your reader to your phone or tablet, please make sure that you have a stable internet/ 3G/ LTE/ data connection.

Pairing your Wireless Card Reader

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone or tablet under Settings.
  2. Turn on your Wireless Card Reader using the power button. On the Wireless Pro, the power button is the blue on the top right. On the Wireless Lite, the power button is the black one on the left hand side of the reader.
  3. Open the Yoco App. Select Menu on the top left, then Settings, and then Card reader.
  4. Activate the bluetooth pairing function on the card reader by holding down the green tick button on the keypad until the Bluetooth icon on the reader’s screen starts flashing.


  5. On your mobile phone or tablet, select Next.


  6. On your iOS device, choose Select An Accessory; or on your Android device, choose Readers near you.


  7. Select your card reader and allow the Yoco app to attempt pairing. The serial number can be found at the back on the silver strip at the bottom of the reader - Format is 010-??????.
  8. A pop up titled Bluetooth Pairing Request will display. Check the passkey on the device matches the number on the card reader screen. Click Pair on your device and press the green tick button on your card reader itself to accept the passkey.



    Card reader


  9. Once paired, a Yoco Connected message will display on the card reader screen, and the Yoco app will display a green Connected status with the details of the reader: Make, Model, Status etc.

    Card reader




Troubleshooting pairing problems

If you're experiencing issues connecting your card reader to your device, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow.

Make sure you're connected to the internet

Before pairing your reader to your phone or tablet, please make sure that you have a stable internet/ 3G/ LTE/ data connection on your device.

Check the battery level of the card reader

If you have a strong internet connection, please make sure you have enough battery charge by checking the on-screen indicator. If the battery is under 25% the app will show a Low Battery error. Charge your card reader if necessary, using the cable provided and a plug adapter into a wall socket.

Restart the Yoco App

If the battery level is fine, please restart your Yoco app:

IOS  : Press the home button twice. Find the Yoco app and swipe it upwards.
Android  : Select the “Recent apps” button, usually at the bottom right on your phone, and swipe the Yoco app to the left or right. 

Re-open the app as normal and retry a test transaction to check if the reader connects.

Pair the reader again

If restarting the app wasn't successful, unpair your device and the card reader by going into your Bluetooth settings and clicking on Miura [Serial number]:

Android  :   + Unpair
IOS  :   + Forget

Once unpaired, go back into the app try pairing your card reader again.

Reset the card reader

To reset your card reader, insert a flat-headed object (e.g. earring or paperclip) into the reset hole next to the power button. A menu will be displayed.

You now have 3 options:

  1. Power up as normal - This is the same as switching the device on and off.
  2. System restore - This restores the software on the device.
  3. Total factory reset - Please only choose this option if a Yoco Support team member advises you to. We would not recommend you complete a total factory reset regularly on the readers. This resets all hardware configuration and software on the reader and should only be used when the other options do not help solve the issue.

Your account will continue to work with the reader regardless of the option you choose. The card reader may, however, require time to update its software after a system restore or factory reset.

  IMPORTANT: Please only complete an Option 3 reset if a Yoco Support Staff member asks you to. We highly advise against repetitively resetting the reader to its factory settings. 

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